I got a new job - and you can be a part of it!

I am pleased to announce that I have accepted a position as Deputy Political Director for Trevor for Congress!

Trevor Thomas is running for Congress in the new 3rd Congressional District, which now includes the counties of Barry, Calhoun, Ionia, and most of Kent. This is Gerald Ford's old seat, but Dick VanderVeen (D-East Grand Rapids) represented the district for nearly three years after Ford became Vice President. The seat has a tradition of electing Members of Congress who were well respected by Democrats and Republicans alike.

That is, until 2010.

Justin Amash has shown himself to be very ideological and ambitious. In 2008, the 28-year-old Amash was elected to the state House. Just two years later, he chose to run for Congress instead of running for another two terms in Lansing. That's despite the fact that his State House district is very Republican, and he certainly would've won re-election. In his votes in Washington (and before that in Lansing), he has ticked off a number of his fellow Republicans. He endorsed Ron Paul for President this year.

In short, Justin Amash needs to go. And Trevor Thomas is the man to make that happen.

Trevor has accomplished a lot in such a short time. Raised in the town of Marne, Trevor is the son of two GM retirees and has many relatives who have worn our country's uniform. Trevor graduated from Grand Valley State before working for WGVU, WOOD TV8, Granholm for Governor 2006, the Office of the Governor, and the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network. He played a key role in eliminating "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." His roots here are strong; his commitment to progressive values is even stronger.

He has also shown that he is able to build the string base of support he will need in order to win both the primary and the general. In the first quarter, 800 donors gave more than $100,000 - and 88% of those donations were $200 or less. He has been endorsed by progressives like John Cherry, centrists such as Jennifer Granholm, and even a few Republicans (Former Kent County Republican Party chair Bob Eleveld introduced Trevor at his announcement speech last month).

If you've wanted Democrats in Washington to do a better job and stand up for our values, Trevor Thomas is your answer. If you think we need more people young people in Congress with working-class roots, Trevor Thomas is your answer. If you want to see more and better Democrats in elected office, Trevor Thomas is your answer. If you want someone who will stand up for his beliefs but who also knows how to build coalitions, Trevor Thomas is your answer.

To say the least, I am honored to have this opportunity to work for him and to help send him to Washington.

If you are so inclined, feel free to chip in a few bucks to ensure we have what it takes to win this race!


This time, the path to the nomination was a little easier for Obama

Sounds like Vermin Supreme didn't pose much of a threat to Obama after all. ;-)