How I spent my 19th birthday: October 21, 2006

Today was my 19th birthday. I came home from CMU to spend the big day with my family, and to help our esteemed Governor and the entire Democratic ticket win the upcoming election.

I got up around 10 and then made my way to the Kent County Democratic Campaign Office to help out with whatever they needed. So when I got there, they asked if I could help assemble literature for lit drops. I put together several dozen sets of lit for Jenny, Debbie, Carmella, Amos, Congressional candidate Jim Rinck, county Drain Commissioner candidate Brian McKay, and state House candidate Robert Dean. While I was there, Haley (the field coordinator) treated me to lunch at the Cherry Deli (named after Cherry Street) for my birthday.

Then I came back home, visited my grandma. Then I was off to a volunteer appreciation dinner at my church. Good times.

As for gifts?

A dress watch;
A Tigers shirt (my first since the 1990s);
A few books
Money, money, money!

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kathleen said...

Happy birthday, Scott! (Did you KNOW you shared a b-day with DeVos?)

Today (Oct 22) is my birthday. We libras-almost-scorpios need to stick together!