The Upgrade: Version 2.0

I've upgraded my account to the new version of Blogger, which requires a Google account. It allows me to add labls for my posts, such as the one below.

I have also decided to consider changing the name of this blog. "Scott Does Politics" was hastily chosen a few months ago, and I want a new name.

A few ideas:

Scott Semper Tyrannis - a takeoff on sic semper tyrannis, Latin for "Thus always to tyrants"

Post Scott Ergo Propter Scott - Post hoc ergo propter hoc is Latin for "After this, because of this"

Great Scott Talks Great Lakes

Urban Areas - part of my last name ;-)

The Political Polak - A 'polak' is a man of Polish descent. I'm also part German.

The Fired-up Chip - "Fire up Chips!" is a common cheer at CMU sporting events.

Other suggestions???


LiberalLucy said...

Hmm, you want to be careful about not backing yourself into a corner with a blog name (not like I can talk too much!) :-D

What about Great State, Great Lakes, Great Scott!

or Great State, Great Talk, Great Scott!

Hmm, maybe it's too late to be thinking about this. :-)

Either way, good luck!

Mr. H said...

oh, why not...

how about Chip Ahoy?

sigh, probably taken.

Bill Harris
Grand Rapids