Bits of Tid: November 19, 2009

  • Today is World Toilet Day, Use Less Stuff Day, and Have A Bad Day Day. If you are anywhere near me, please only celebrate Use Less Stuff Day. Maybe World Toilet Day, depending on how you commemorate it.
  • Is marriage itself illegal in Texas? I'm not just talking about gay marriage. I'm talking about marriage in general.
  • Someone made this comment on one of my earlier posts:
    How do you like your change now? Idiot.
    First of all, I do like my change. It's kind of nice to live in a country that is admired on the world stage and whose President cares about the average working person as much as he cares about anyone else. And for you to call me an idiot? Well, for a conservative to say that to me, is such a high compliment!
  • "Unfriend" has been named the 2009 Word of the Year by the Oxford Dictionary.
  • Speaking of which, it's almost "that time of year again" - time for the Lake Superior State University Banished Words List! If you have a word or phrase you'd like to see banished, now's your chance to nominate it!
  • Not to make any of you jealous, but I get to see Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., AND Jennifer Granholm at CMU today!

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