"Facts are stupid things." - Ronald Reagan


83% of liberal Democrats approve of how President Obama is doing his job.

You might not believe that from reading a lot of the loiberal blogs - Daily Kos or Democratic Underground, etc. - but according to Gallup, he's still doing really well among his base.

In fact, the three demographics that give Obama his highest ratings are Blacks (89%), Liberal Democrats (83%), and Democrats as a whole (78%).

A couple more points: First, this poll suggests that the more liberal you are, the more likely you are to support the President. So much for the left being 'enraged' with him.

Some may say, "Well, the more educated, informed voters know what's going on, and they know what Obama has done - and they are none too pleased with him." It's hard to measure how informed/in tune with the news someone is, but as far as education, the more formal education someone has, the more likely they are to approve of our President's job handling. 54% of those with a postgraduate degree approve of his performance.

I, for one, have had my qualms with the President - or at least certain people within his Administration.

But this belief that the left is planning an 'uprising' simply does not bear fruit in the polls.

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