Bits of Tid: February 19, 2011

More Power Edition

  • You know how Republicans are supposed to be against tax hikes? Well, not anymore. At least not on seniors and poor people.
  • On Daily Kos they're talking recalls in Wisconsin. Perhaps we should consider a recall or two in Michigan - or at least organaize a campaign to recall someone, even if it comes nowhere near getting on the ballot. One benefit of the low turnout in 2010 is that the threshold for recalls is lower. It would only take 19,895 signatures to force Dave Hildenbrand to face a recall. Recall drives must start at least six months after a lawmaker's term begins, so we could start gathering signatures on or after July 1. If we campaign to get a recall on the ballot, we can at least use it as anm opportunity to educate voters.
  • Be sure to follow the the Michigan, My Michigan group on Daily Kos! Let me know if you'd like to be added as a member of the group.
  • Sad news: West Michigan Rising is closing.
  • Happy news: I have been elected to three things in the past ten days! Earlier this month I was elected to the Kent County Democratic Executive Committee, filling one of a few vacancies. Last weekend at Cobo Hall, I was also elected as a member of the Michigan 3rd District Democratic Executive Committee. Then on Thursday, Dad and I were elected as Council 4362's two delegates to the Michigan Knights of Columbus State Convention in May. Delegates from our council are usually the current Grand Knight (currently myself) and a past Grand Knight (Dad was Grand Knight in 1999-2000). Dad was previously a delegate to the 2000 and 2003 conventions.
  • What a difference 17 days makes. On February 2, nearly every school in West Michigan was closed, as were most businesses, due to one of the biggest blizzards to hit the area in many decades. Now, there's almost no snow on our deck and very little on the ground. I hear Mother Nature is going to do something about that tomorrow.

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