Happy Election Day!

Polls are now open across Michigan for school and millage elections.

For most of us, this marks the first chance to go to the polls and make our voice heard since the November 2010 'shellacking' and the Republican attempts to overreach with their newfound power.

Many school districts will have elections for their school boards. With Governor Snyder's attacks on education, it is critical that we have intelligent, levelheaded leaders helping to lead our schools. These elections are also very important because school board members often go on to run for 'bigger and better' things in Lansing and DC. Today will be a good chance to get progressives in local offices while stopping tea partiers from underminimg our kids' education at the local level.

Here in Kent County, we will be electing two new trustees for Grand Rapids Community College. I'm supporting Bert Bleke and Fred Sebulske over their tea party opposition.

There are also plenty of millage proposals on the ballot, from public safety in Flint to public transportation in Greater Grand Rapids. The well-being of our communities depend on passage of many of these millages. In this era of 'emergency financial managers' and 'watch lists,' many of these millage proposals are very important.

So take a vew minutes to VOTE today and remind your friends to vote! Polls are now open, and will close at 8PM.

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