Snyder recall effort fizzles; focus must shift to winning in 2011 and 2012

No surprise here.

Two newspapers report an effort to recall Republican Gov. Rick Snyder is fizzling.The Detroit Free Press on Wednesday cited an e-mail from campaign spokesman Tom Bryant saying "the recall effort will be coming to an end."

Organizers tell The Livingston County Daily Press & Argus the effort will fall short of making the February ballot.

The Associated Press called numbers listed on the group's state finance registration but didn't reach anyone actively involved in the recall effort.

We can debate until the cows come home about whether or not it was worth it to try to recall him. Everyone knew the odds were stacked - only two states have ever recalled a governor. But since we all know that this recall campaign is done with, there is no reason - none - to waste time looking behind and asking, 'What if...?'

What needs to happen now is that those who were involved in the effort to recall Snyder need to continue - rather, expand - their efforts to keep this progressive movement going. Sure, not all of us Democrats/liberals/progressives were on the same page when it came to recalling Snyder. But we ARE on the same page in opposing the emergency manager law, efforts to make Michigan a Work-for-Less state, and the many other fronts in their War on People.

So if you live in Michigan, get involved in the fight to repeal the EFM law. Write/call your elected officials. Donate to a favorite candidate before the Friday night deadline (if I could find a full-time job, I certainly would make a contribution or two!). Volunteer for candidates running in this November's elections. Help make the Democratic Party more progressive by taking part in Engage Michigan.

In addition to local races in 2011, there's a plethora of activity on the 2012 ballot with races for President, US Senate, US House, State House, State Supreme Court, countywide offices, county commissions, and so much more. In addition to the likely EFM referendum, we'll probably see another ballot initiative or two.

Hanging together is so much more fun than hanging separately.

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