Waltz drops out of 6th District Congressional race due to "life threatening illness"

Oh no.

Due to an unforeseen life threatening illness we regretfully have to announce that John Waltz will be ending his campaign to secure the Democratic Party nomination for Michigan’s Sixth District. At this time, John is unable to provide a statement, but the family will answer questions if needed.

After someone asked if John was okay, his wife, Jane, said this in a comment:

He is very ill at this point. Thanks for your kind words.

So every indication is that this has to do with John Waltz himself, not a family member.

Waltz is an Iraq veteran who moved to Michigan after running against Geoff Davis (R) in KY-04 in 2010.

Waltz is a brave man who has done so much for our country. While his campaign is over, here's hoping he can summon his courage once again and make it through this.

Let us extend our best wishes, prayers, vibes, and so forth to John and his family.

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