Bernstein launches Supreme Court campaign with stellar branding

Richard Bernstein announced this morning that he's running for Michigan Supreme Court. His announcement was accompanied by branding himself the "Blind Justice" - a clever effort on many levels.

For one thing, a catchy tagline ensures people will remember him. Say what you will about Snyder, but "nerd" did stick in many people's minds - enough that he went from almost zero to the governor's office in less than a year.

Second, he's turning what some would consider a negative - his blindness - into a positive. Rather than let others point out his disability (and try to use it to question his ability to serve), he's making it clear that his disability will help, not hinder, him.

Third, he sets forth his idea that justice should be blind. It shouldn't be skewed by partisan (or other) bias - which the current Court is.

Bernstein is seeking an eight-year term on the Court, of which there will be two on this fall's ballot. Brian Zahra holds one of the seats that is up for grabs, while the other seat is being vacated by Justice Michael Cavanagh, who is retiring due to age.

Judge Deborah Thomas is challenging incumbent David Viviano for the two-year partial term of the seat formerly held by Diane Hathaway.

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