McCann (D) seeking recount for State Senate in Kalamazoo County

The 20th State Senate race was one of the heartbreakers of this election - perhaps the lowest-hanging fruit for us, yet we still lost.

Or maybe not.


After much thought and consultation with my family, my team and supporters, I have decided to request a recount of the election results in the 20th Senate District.

More than 80,000 ballots were cast in the race, and the results showed a difference of only 59 votes, or 0.07% of the total votes cast, less than one vote per precinct. We think that this extremely close margin warrants a recount.

We also heard from many voters who expressed concerns about their votes being counted. Multiple issues with finalizing the local results give us enough concern that we believe a recount is appropriate.

This is primarily about finding votes that the electronic tabulators missed - faint markings, for example. Few, if any, votes were cast for O'Brien or Wenke that should've been counted for McCann. Generally, if it's clear that a voter intended to vote for McCann, the vote is supposed to count for McCann.

In addition, a recount can ensure that, regardless of the outcome, people at least have confidence in the process.

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