Michigan's 2006 Democratic Ticket

Here it is, Michigan's Democratic Ticket for the 2006 election!

While I was unable to go to Cobo Hall for the state convention, I am pleased to give you (courtesy of Michigan Liberal) your 2006 Democratic ticket!

  • Jennifer Granholm for Governor;
  • Debbie Stabenow for US Senate;
  • John Cherry for Lieutenant Governor;
  • Carmella Sabaugh for Secretary of State;
  • Amos Williams for Attorney General;
  • Michael Cavanagh and Jane Beckering for Michigan Supreme Court;
  • Reginald Turner and Casandra Ulbrich for State Board of Education;
  • Kathy White and Julia Darlow for University of Michigan Board of Regents;
  • George Perles and Faylene Owen for Michigan State University Board of Trustees; and
  • Eugene Driker and Debbie Dingell for Wayne State University Board of Governors.
I'll share a few of my reactions in a later post.

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