Bits of Tid: January 20, 2007

Every so often I come across news items that I want to include in this blog, but I don't feel deserve their own separate entry. Plus, I occasionally see a few cool links on the web that I also believe don't deserve their own blog entry. Bits of Tid is the name I have chosen for my new periodical series that focuses on these news items and other sorts of fun info. ('Bits of Tid' comes from separating the word 'tidbits' into two seperate syllables - 'tid bits' - and adding the word 'of.')

And with 731 days (exactly two years - including the leap day on 2/29/08) left until America gets a new president, I am pleased to launch the first ever edition of Bits of Tid!

  • First of all, as you can tell I have finally fulfilled the promise I made last month and revamped this blog. No longer is it named Scott Does Politics; earlier this week I renamed it Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott. That is taken from a couple of LiberalLucy's suggestions. I have also changed the template and added a few links on the sidebar. Hope you enjoy it!

  • One of the new links is the new 'watch blog' I started a few weeks ago focusing on US Rep. Vern Ehlers. I am collaborating with a few other writers from the Grand Rapids area in Eye on Ehlers.

  • Matt (from CMU's College Dems) and I worked hard yesterday to start the new blog of CMU's College Democrats, Blue Chips ('Blue' for Democratic Blue and 'Chips' for Chippewas).

  • Speaker Pelosi's website discusses the accomplishments Democrats have made since taking charge. They got through their 100 hour plan in less than fifty hours!

  • Either Wesley Clark, Aaron Gandhi, or Sanjay Gupta will likely come to CMU soon. (BTW: Here's CM Life's writeup of Jesse Jackson's visit on Tuesday.)

  • I would like to buy a digital camera in the not-too-distant future. If you hve any suggestions as to what kind to get or where to get one, please share.

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Christine said...

Scott, love the new look & new title!