Six more reasons we need a Democrat in the White House in 2009

Supreme Court terms begin in October and end in June. Six of the nine justices are 67 years of age or older - older than many ordinary Americans will be when they retire.

Recent decisions assaulting women’s and employee freedoms have put a new focus on the Court. Given the likelihood that we will once again see at least one, if not two or more, vacancies on the Court during the next president’s term, the Supreme Court is poised to be a very crucial issue in 2008, one that I’d rank as important as Iraq, terrorism, and global warming. Perhaps it is the most important issue in the 2008 election, because it involves the heart of what our nation is all about: our freedoms.

Courtesy of Wikipedia, Here are the six justices who, as of the end of the 2008-2009 term (when justices often announce their retirement), will be at least 70 years old or will be approaching 70.

John Paul Stevens
Leans Left
Age in June 2009: 89
Took office: 1975

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Leans Left
Age in June 2009: 76
Took office: 1993

Antonin Scalia
Leans - well, do I have to tell you?
Age in June 2009: 73
Took office: 1986

Anthony Kennedy
Leans Right, but considered quasi-moderate
Age in June 2009: 72
Took office: 1988

Stephen Breyer
Leans Left
Age in June 2009: 70
Took office: 1994

David Souter
Leans Left
Age in June 2009: 69
Took office: 1990

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