While the media adores Paris, 40,000 children will die today

...because of malnutrition and hunger. That's according to the Rehydration Project, which also states that one billion people live in inadequate housing.

Another 4,000 children will die for a lack of drinking water.

80 infants will die in Darfur due to poor health.

Roughly 60 die because of violence in Iraq each day.

1,500 people will die of cancer today... in the US alone.

There are so many other grim statistics out there, which you may wish to allude to in responses to this thread. I just wanted to remind people that most of the media seems to care a lot more about what happens to one gorgeous-looking person than what happens to thousands of innocent, although some would say not as attractive, people around the world - and here at home - on a daily basis.

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