Why we need to support Diane Hathaway for Supreme Court

Here are a couple of excerpts about Judge Hathaway:

Known for her hard work and integrity, Hathaway will restore fairness and impartiality to the Michigan Supreme Court. As a Circuit Court Judge, she has a record of being fair and impartial, putting the needs of ordinary citizens and families over those of big corporations and special interests. As a prosecutor, Hathaway took on drug dealers, put hardened criminals in jail, and kept Michigan's neighborhoods safe by going after drunk drivers, sexual predators and scam artists. A wife, mother of five and daughter of a police officer, she is endorsed by law enforcement and firefighters.

Hathaway is trying to defeat current Chief Justice Cliff Taylor in the November election.

Taylor's decisions put the insurance companies and corporate special interests that fund his campaigns ahead of struggling middle-class families. He repeatedly sacrifices judicial ethics and ignores the severe human impact of his decisions while enjoying one of the highest salaries and packages of taxpayer-provided perks of any judge in the country. Taylor's decisions have made it easier for sexual predators, terrorists and drunk drivers to avoid responsibility for their crimes. He also has a pattern of discriminatory decisions that hurt women in the workplace, including ruling against victims in rape and sexual harassment cases, virtually eliminating the ability to legally enforce protection from sexual harassment.

Keep in mind that judicial offices are nonpartisan races, so merely voting straight Democratic will not mean a vote for Judge Hathaway. You will need to vote for her on the nonpartisan section of the ballot.

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