Election 2008 By The Numbers

I posted this a couple weeks ago on Daily Kos.

  • 1,573: Barack Obama's margin of victory in Kent County, Michigan, my home county
  • 54,292: Bush's margin over Kerry in Kent County
  • 1,951: Barack Obama's margin of victory in my hometown of Kentwood
  • 3,888: Bush's margin in Kentwood in 2004
  • 30: Approximate number of people who showed up as part of the Kent County Democrats/Obama for America contingent in my hometown's July 4th parade - I helped coordinate said contingent!
  • 0: Number of people who showed up from the McCain campaign in that parade
  • 369,282: Diane Marie Hathaway's margin of victory over Republican-nominated incumbent Cliff Taylor in the Michigan Supreme Court race
  • 24: Number of years since an incumbent Supreme Court Justice has been defeated, probably since incumbent judges and justices in Michigan are designated as such on the ballot
  • 67: Number of seats the Democrats will hold in the Michigan House of Representatives starting in January
  • 43: Number of seats the Republicans will hold in the Michigan House
  • 20: Number of seats Democrats have gained in the state House in the past three elections
  • 3,006,820: Number of votes in favor of Michigan's Proposal 1, which allows the use of medical marijuana
  • 249,923: Margin by which Michigan's proposal 2 passed; thanks to its passage, embryonic stem-cell research will be legal in Michigan!
  • 5 out of the last 5: Presidential elections in which Michigan has gone blue!
  • 1: My margin of victory in my re-election bid for Democratic Precinct Delegate!

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