Are Democrats bad for Michigan sports teams?

Why should we expect Democrats to lead effectively and do well by our state when Michigan's sports teams seem to fail under their 'leadership?'

Consider this:

  • Under Obama's 'leadership,' the Red Wings are 0-1 in the Stanley Cup Finals. The last time they lost in the Finals was in 1995 - when Clinton was President.
  • They won it three times during John Engler's governorship (1997, 1998, 2002), while under Granholm they've only won it once.
  • Not to mention that the Tigers were lousy when Clinton was in office. Under Bush, they got the 2006 AL Championship. While their magic number to clinch the AL Central is just 97, perhaps it hasn't sunk in yet that Bush 43 is out of office.
  • Remember the Tigers' (and the AL's) worst season ever took place during the first year of the Granholm era in Michigan (2003)
  • The only team ever to go 0-16 did so under a Democrat governor. While Bush 43 was President at the time, Obama was President-elect during some of those losses.
  • Reagan's 1984 landslide came just weeks after Kirk Gibson's home run and the Tigers' victory in the World Series.
  • It was John Engler who governed during U-M's national football title in 1997 and MSU's basketball championship in 2000. The first NCAA basketball championship of the Bush 41 era (1989) was the only one for U-M.
  • Thank you, George W. Bush, for leading CMU to two straight MAC football titles (2006, 2007)!

Of course, there are plenty of holes in that logic - Granholm governed duriong the Tigers' AL Championship, Blanchard during the 1984 Series, and Clinton's Presidency included two straight Cup Finals sweeps for the Wings and championships for MSU basketball and U-M football.

Not to mention the fact that who's in office has nothing to do with the outcome of sporting events!

But while I wrote this factually-based snark piece, given what we have seen in Republican logic, I just can't seem to believe that this is too far-fetched to come out of the Republican spin machine.

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