Bits of Tid: June 24, 2009

  • For the first time this year,the weather in Michigan is hotter than the Governor of Michigan!
  • Speaking of Governors, South Carolina's Mark Sanford (a possible 2012 hopeful) went missing; apparently hiking on Naked Hiking Day.
  • As imperfect as Obama is, I don't quite agree with Bill Maher on his criticisms, which have been the source of much discussion. Even so, few people can make a point better than him. From the "it-would-be-funnier-if-it-wasn't-so-true" file:
  • Ismael Ahmed has a storied career of working to improve the quality of life for Michigan citizens. Now he also has a blog.
  • Another cool blog: The Positivity Blog. It's got tips on things like being social, productive, and better at what you do.
  • Tigers' magic number: 88.

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