The Pressure Is On Amash

Just two weeks after becomong a member of Congress, the pressure is already on Justin Amash to see if he will actually live up to what he calls his principles.

Amash was notorious in the Michigan House for being the lone vote against many peopular bills - including bills that would have created jobs and allowed people to be treated with dignity and respect (one about burials of US military veterans comes to mind). He even admitted (sorry, I can't find the source) that he would often vote against a bill because he didn't have the time to read the entire bill - despite the relative brevity of state legislation as opposed to congressional legislation.

Oftentimes he'd say that he was acting on his principles.

Well, today (Wednesday), Amash faces a test of what he calls his principles.

Today, Justin Amash will choose whether to continue the reputation he earned in Lansing, and oppose that which many of his colleagues (or at least in this case, presumably a majority) support. A bill which, if it were to become law, would cost taxpayers $130 billion over ten years - more than $800,000 per congressional district per day for the next decade.

Very soon, we will see if Amash meant it when he said he wanted reduced government spending - or if he is just another politician who will say things to get the conservative vote and forsake his principles.

Very soon, we will see whether Amash supports his Party or his country.

Very soon, we will see if Vern Ehlers was right in questioning Amash's readiness "to step into the job immediately."

Ball's in your court, Justin!

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