Two quarters of profitability - and 400 jobs lost

Okay, maybe this can't be blamed on our new governor, Rick Snyder. But given some people's penchant for blaming his predecessor for all the jobs lost when she was in office, one wonders when they will blame Snyder for Steelcase's decision to cut 400 jobs here in Kentwood.

The company made the announcement Wednesday morning. Officials say 750 jobs will be cut nationwide. Plants in Ontario, Canada and Grand Prairie, Texas will also lose jobs. Some of the work will move to Mexico, as well as a plant in Alabama.

Yep - where the wages are cheaper. Same story as before. But then it gets puzzling (emphasis mine):
Despite two straight quarters of profitability and other signs the nation's economy may be recovering, a Steelcase spokesperson said the changes in the way people buy office furniture necessitates the need for further downsizing.

Yep, things are looking up - but we still gotta get rid of those workers who make more than 2% or 5% or whatever % of what the CEO makes!

Meanwhile, Kentwood Mayor Richard Root (a Republican, by the way, though Kentwood elections are nonpartisan) said:
"It's sad, but it's a business decision," Root told 24 Hour News 8.

Business decision? They've been profitable for two straight quarters! There had to be something else to it. Such as the need to pay CEO James Hackett $792,000 per year.

Whatever is going on, Rick Snyder has to be blamed for this, correct? After all, it was Snyder whose supporters often criticized the previous governor for all the job losses that she couldn't stop!

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