Political communications mistakes I've seen TODAY ALONE (w/some solutions)

1. A statewide organization omitting a certain candidate from a lit piece - a candidate whose support largely comes from a constituency Democrats need.
2. A reminder to sign up to vote early - in Florida. I don't live in Florida, I was only there once, and there's no evidence on my Facebook that I even did go there (until this post).
3. A campaign email in which the Sender field was different from the person whose name was at the bottom.


1. Even with limited space on your lit, *be strategic* in who you include or exclude.
2. *Target* your Facebook ads to those who are able to do what you ask them. Can't vote in Florida if I don't live there!
3. Have someone - or two or three people - *proofread* your communications before they go out. At previous employers, we had a VERY thorough process for proofreading emails.

Just 41 days left, people. COME ON!!!

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