Al-Jazeera picks up Land's foibles

...along with her party's general inability to improve their standing among women:

But there’s some evidence that the Democrats’ strategy is working and the Republicans’ isn’t. Some experts say the Land ad provides an example of why: When Democrats have attacked Republicans for their position on controversial issues, Republicans have countered mostly through image: putting women at the front of the party but not providing concrete evidence that Democrats’ claims are wrong. “She had that one ad and then didn’t follow up trying to appeal to women voters,” said Susan Demas, a writer and political analyst for the website Inside Michigan Politics. “But her record on equal pay and abortion rights is well known in Michigan, and that doesn’t resonate well with women.”
The article goes on to discuss, among other things, the "Say Yes to the Dress" ads, which an MSU student said had offended her:
“It offended me that she’s trying to sell herself as a candidate for women but she didn’t talk about any kind of policy,” Havern said. “She’s trying to appeal to women, but I don’t know what her stances are.”
I guess I kind of expected the Party of Sarah Palin to do better among women. Not!

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