Republicans: Gonzales will - or at least should - resign

Going... Going... (almost) Gone-zales?

From the latest Evans-Novak Political Report: "It is impossible to find a Republican on Capitol Hill who believes either that Alberto Gonzales will survive as attorney general or that he should survive. That typifies the poor congressional relations of the Bush Administration that are rooted in arrogance."

"President Bush's gesture of phoning Gonzales to reaffirm his support is just that -- a gesture. His press conference last night to challenge the Democrats was a means of political positioning. As President Bush announced that Gonzales would appear on the Hill to testify, he was in fact throwing him to the wolves. At best, he has a few months left in office. Only a few Republicans on Capitol Hill have called for Gonzales's resignation so far, but the others are doing almost nothing to defend him."
Meanwhile, TrueMajority is offering Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream for a year if you can guess the day, hour, and minute at which Gonzo quits. I say 9:17 AM next Friday.

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