Double dose of bad news for McCain

First there's this:

For the first time, favorite son Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) "no longer has a double digit lead as the top choice for President among Arizona Republicans," according to a new Rocky Mountain Poll.

Rudy Guiliani is now within nine points of Senator McCain and has "made major gains in just the past two months. As of this week, McCain leads Guiliani by only 34 to 25 percent, but more important is the dynamic surge in Guiliani’s appeal rising to 25 percent from only 13 percent in January while McCain sank from 40 percent to only 34 percent."

"The surge in support for Guiliani seems to be fueled by retired Republicans and Republicans most likely to vote in a primary election. Among retirees, Guiliani leads McCain by 36 to 21 percent and among likely voters who call themselves Republicans, Guiliani leads McCain by a 32 to 21 percent margin."
It's bad enough when (1) only 1/3 of the Republicans who know you best - those in your own home state which you've represented in the Senate for two decades - support your campaign and (2) you're losing ground to the 'pro-abortion' Rudy. But then comes this:

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) "said his presidential campaign would not meet its fundraising goals this quarter, and his campaign advisers acknowledged that" former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) "may wind up raising more," according to The Hotline.

"Some Republicans estimate that Romney, whose network of friends, business contacts and party donors is expansive, could accumulate more than $30 or even $35 million this quarter. McCain is not likely to raise in excess of $30M, according to Republicans outside his campaign who have been given the unofficial estimate." The deadline for campaigns to report their earnings to the FEC is March 31.
Wow Mr. McCain, your fellow Republicans are starting to like a 'baby-killer' and your fellow flip-flopper (who used to be a 'baby-killer' when it was convenient) more than they like you. I guess that's not surprising given that you were actually in Vietnam, and your party's attacks on 'Nam vets Kerry and Cleland show that that's a big no-no in their book.

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