Bits of Tid: September 14, 2007

First One In Quite Some Time Edition

  • I really don't like quitting things, but I have decided that doing the WeekEnder each Friday is a little too much for me, and that if I were to continue, I would not likely be able to put much effort into it. Still look for me to post photos, videos, quotes, jokes, etc., but not in the WeekEnder format.
  • As the state's new fiscal year approaches (17 days from now), it is crunch time in Lansing, with state lawmakers under pressure to come up with a state budget ASAP. Both Michigan Liberal and Blogging for Michigan have all the latest.
  • CMU's College Democrats are calling out Republican lawmakers for their inaction on the state budget.
  • Let's welcome Fred Thompson into the 2008 race! Thompson this week said that catching bin Laden would be "more symbolism than anything else." Fred is also backed by a plurality of those who think global warming is a hoax.
  • House Republican Leader John Boehner said that the deaths of 4,000 Americans is a "small price" to pay in this ridiculous war. Neither DNC Chair Howard Dean nor DCCC Chair Chris Van Hollen are having any of that.
  • Things are not all that rosy for Republicans in their attempt to take control of Congress. After Sen. John Warner's (R-VA) recent retirement announcement, Mark Warner (no relation) has jumped into the race. It also looks like former New Hampshire Governor Jeanne Shaheen will run in the Granite State. Even Bob Novak expects the GOP to lose several seats in the Senate.
  • The ex-chair of the Michigan Federation of Young Republicans is set to spend five years in prison for sexual assault. He could even be disbarred. NOW will Republicans support fellons' right to vote?
  • On a related note, the DNC has issued this list of 50+ Republican scandals.
  • More and more military personnel are financially supporting Democrats.

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