Jack Cafferty read my email on CNN tonight - I'm famous

Each hour on CNN's Situation Room, Jack Cafferty asks viewers to respond to a question about recent news items. After numerous submissions of responses to past questions, Jack finally read one of mine!

This particular question dealt with whether or not the teachers should be offered bonuses for choosing to work in inner-city schools. Sorry for the less-than-stellar quality.

Here's the text:

If they had the option, how many teachers would live in a less-affluent community? Probably not many. anything we can do to entice top-notch teachers to work in these areas needs to be tried. Studies show that many students in less-well-off areas do worse on tests than do their counterparts elsewhere, and anything we can do to change that ought to be considered.

Let me stress that offering incentives to teachers who work in less-well-off areas is NOT BY ANY MEANS a silver bullet when it comes to fixing the education-affluence gap; other policies need to be implemented as well.

I guess I have 14 minutes and 40 seconds of fame left!


Anonymous said...

I would like to remind all the young voters that are too young to remember all the scandals Clinton's have been caught red handed in are just a goole search away. Shame on you Hillary alka " the best mud slinger in the 2008 race."

Jacksonville Nc

Anonymous said...

I think Jack Cafferty is basically a same goon and thug he has been for the last 50 years

Peter M. Ranoia said...

Lets talk about home. How Liddy can sit there and not say a word about these "characters" who took the money and fled. I did not give permission of which some of my money is involved. It is sad I have to work for little dollars and they take what I can't afford but they feel my children, grandchlidren and so on will pick up the tab. Please, lets see what the leadership can do about this "Robbery" If it were in China the "Goons" would have put them against the firewall and be rid of this cancer.

Semper Fi

Peter M. Ranoia
Nottingham, Pa