Bits of Tid: November 23, 2007

  • Well, here we are, the day after Thanksgiving, and we just lit our Christmas tree for the first time this season. We'll probably add some lights and ornaments before I go back to CMU this Sunday - and I may just post a few photos..........
  • Let me repost here a comment that I first posted on this Daily Kos bit:

    If Dems want to win the center...
    ...then they need only appeal to the base. I think most people who consider themselves moderate or centrist would find a progressive platform quite attractive (for lack of better words).

    If a guy like me can become a progressive Democrat, then so can others.

  • Two items of note for those concerned about the transgendered: First, Governor Granholm has added gender identity to a non-discrimination policy for state employees. Second, next week at CMU is Transgender Awareness Week.
  • Congressional Democrats want to include a requirement in the war funding bill that most US troops leave Iraq by a little over a year from now. They are backed by one Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez (ret.), who himself was a commander in Iraq.
  • Would an uptick in violence result if US troops left Iraq? Well, Basra has seen a 90% drop in attacks since British troops left the region, so decide for yourself.
  • Shh, let's try to keep this on the 'down-low' from the Republicans (I like to surprise them): Indiana just might be a swing state next year. So what? you might ask. Well, not only does the Hoosier State have 11 electoral votes, but Lyndon Johnson was the last Democrat to carry Indiana. (If you didn't know, outside of the Southeast, LBJ won every state not named Arizona.)
  • Just a few weeks remain until Lake Superior State University releases its 2008 Banished Words List! Here's my latest entry:
    War on Christmas - Does this mean we can expect Santa Claus to ride in on a Bradley fighting vehicle and deliver cluster bombs to all the little girls and boys?
  • Just a reminder about Blogging for Michigan's Troop Care program - it ends Sunday!
  • And don't forget Michigan Liberal's daily feature, Coffee Talk. Remember that I am in charge of Coffee Talk most Sundays.

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