Help stop coal power plants from being built in Michigan

From NoCoalRush.com:

Michigan's energy future is in the crosshairs. Our state is threatened with an onslaught of at least seven more dirty coal-fired power plants that will keep Michigan locked in the energy dark ages, dependent on imported fossil fuels and producing more dangerous global warming pollution. More outdated dirty coal plants will hamper the development of clean energy and the good paying jobs that come with it.

But the Legislature can stop this from happening NOW by passing a NO NEW COAL PLANT policy until Michigan has a strong Clean Energy Plan that would:

  • Enact a strong renewable energy standard that requires energy providers to generate 20 percent of their electric power from renewable sources by 2020.
  • Enact strong statewide utility funded energy efficiency programs that result in at least 1% energy savings per year.
  • Protect consumers from having to absorb the skyrocketing future costs of coal burning.
  • Implement a long term energy plan that guarantees energy efficiency and renewable power are used before any more outdated coal plants are built.
  • Develop new standards for controlling the emissions of CO2.
  • Governor Granholm has been working tirelessly bring renewable energy to the state, which will help improve the health of both our environment and our economy. Increasing coal production will hurt our environment without offering much promise for many more new jobs. So be sure to visit NoCoalRush.com and let your lawmakers know that you support our environment and our economy and oppose the building of coal-fired power plants in Michigan.

    And while you're at it, visit SmallStepBigChange.com and take the pledge to do your part.

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