Bits of Tid: March 3, 2008

Marching Into March Edition

  • Obama is now 646 delegates away from clinching the nomination, while Hillary needs 758 more. 370 delegates are at stake on Tuesday. If Obama gets more delegates than Hillary on Tuesday and Hillary does not drop out, expect more 'superdelegates' (more on that word in a moment) to get behind Obama. That, and the fact that rural Wyoming and heavily black Mississippi are next up on the calendar cannot bode well for Hillary.
  • Obama's campaign has already helped the Democratic Party, whether or not he ends up with the nomination. And as one Daily Kos diarist argues, Obama has done a marvelous job supporting Dean's 50-State Strategy. I supported Howard in the primaries in 2003/04 and am proud to say that I am still a fan of his to this day.
  • I think I just might start writing a book in the coming days and weeks, about my experiences in my life thus far (I'm 20), my views on politics and government, why I'm a Democrat, where I believe we need to move the Democratic Party and the nation, and more. Working subtitle: A 20-year-old's Thoughts on Politics and the State of the World. Of course I would be surprised if I finish it before I turn 21, and even then titles and subtitles change all the time.
  • Speaking of books, I am currently reading The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader by John C. Maxwell and Everyday Leadership by Dan Mulhern. Boith are good reads. Reviews forthcoming!
  • Back to the word 'superdelegate.' It's my latest pick for Lake Superior State's Banished Words List. Why?

    What, exactly, makes them 'super?' Do they wear tights and brightly colored capes and fly around the country trying to save America from some evil force of which I'm unaware?
  • This week's edition of Sunday Coffee Talk on Michigan Liberal has a few changes. I hope you like it!

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