Guess which of these issues I DON'T care about?

Below I have identified several issues which I think are very important - along with one non-issue that, let's just say, doesn't really affect the safety and welfare of the American populace and thus doesn't need that much attention.

So take a guess: which of these issues could I care less about?

  • Iraq
  • Weakened national security due to the Iraq War
  • Global warming
  • Reliance on foreign, nonrenewable fuels
  • The foreclosure crisis
  • The looming water shortage
  • Loss of wetlands, forests, etc.
  • Racial and gender inequalities
  • Hostility towards immigrants, non-Christians, and the GLBT community
  • The gap between rich and poor
  • An out-of-whack budget
  • An arrogant foreign policy
  • Homelessness
  • Poverty
  • Nearly 50 million Americans without health insurance
  • Neglect of our veterans
  • An embarrassing foreign policy
  • A crumbling infrastructure
  • Lack of access to technology for millions of Americans
  • America's education system lagging behind that of other nations
  • Corruption and scandals
  • Corporate influence
  • Mistreatment of American workers
  • The erosion of our basic rights as Americans
  • Obama's pastor's remarks
Given more time, I could probably come up with a dozen more issues. I just want to point out how ridiculous it is that much of the media is focusing on one of these aforementioned topics with little mention of any of the others.

Folks, don't be distracted. Let's make sure our leaders (and the media) focus on real issues.

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