Bits of Tid: April 22, 2008

"Happy Earth Day To You!" Edition

  • So Hillary won the Pennsylvania primary. No surprise. She'll still be more than 100 delegates behind Obama... and continues to run out of room.

  • Score!

  • On New Year's Day I mentioned that a lot of important things would be happening on Tuesdays this year. Well, here's an updated version of that countdown. We now have:
    • 2 weeks until the Indiana and North Carolina primaries AND school elections in Michigan;
    • 3 weeks until the filing deadline in Michigan (precinct delegate affidavit forms are here!);
    • 15 weeks until the Michigan state/local primary - the one that will count;
    • 26 weeks until I turn 21 (you may start thinking of gifts!)
    • 28 weeks until ELECTION DAY!!!
    • 39 weeks until our new Democratic President is inaugurated!
    • 132 weeks until Election 2010; and
    • 237 weeks until Election 2012!!!

  • The Tigers won 10-2 this evening, putting them back to within five games of .500!

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