Divesting from Darfur - please act!

If we truly care about our fellow human beings, we must do our part to make sure the genocide in Darfur stops.

Progress Michigan's blog, The Upper Hand, discusses a way for Michigan to act to stop this - and what you can do to help make it happen.

Michigan has the potential to do something. House Bill 4854 (and its Senate complement) would take Michigan's money out of the genocide and urge the supporters of these atrocities to change their ways. The $150 million of taxpayer money that is invested through the state public pension funds would be used to urge the foreign companies that give the Sudanese government its blank check to murder thousands to instead use their money and clout to end the genocide and help the civilians. If they refuse, Michigan will join with 24 other states in the country and withdraw its funds.

However, this legislation is going nowhere. The House of Representatives came together to pass it, 108-2, drawing the support of both Democratic and Republican leaders. However, a couple of activist Senators have refused to even take the measure up to a vote, letting it languish for months in the Appropriations committee.
I encourage you to contact your senator as well as Appropriations Committee Chair Ron Jelinek ( SenRJelinek@senate.mi.gov ). Already, 24 other states have passed similar laws.

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