4 1/2 more hours to vote!

Once again, I feel powerful.

I made my first trip to my new polling place in Kentwood; I am now voting at a church instead iof a school.

I was Voter #185 in my precinct, up from being #120 around 3:30 PM in the 2006 primary. That seems odd because three of the four voting booths were in use when I giot there in 2006, but only one was being used when I got there today.

Contested races included the Republican state House and county Sheriff races, plus the Kent County Jail Millage renewal and the Kentwood Library Millage.

I voted in the Democratic primary because I am in a contested race for Precinct Delegate (one of three people running for two delegate spots - very unusual as these races are often uncontested!)

In 2006 someone gave me the 'no split ticket' talk; today there were signs in the booths saying the same.

You have until 8PM to vote!

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