Bits of Tid: October 3, 2008

Happy New Month! Edition

  • A belated Happy October to you! And in Washington and Lansing, it's Happy New (Fiscal) Year!
  • I turn 21 this month!
  • Yours truly is the new Deputy National Communications Director for the College Democrats of America!
  • Holy $#!^!
  • CMU faculty just might be about to strike soon.
  • Hi, I'm Mounty Bat Palin. Nice to meet you.
  • Since we have just three months left in the year, now's the time to think about what words you want to see banished by LSSU (if you haven't thought about them before)! Here's my latest pick:
    Bailout - Is there any word more deserving of banishment than this one?
  • Coming soon on GLGTGS: I'll be working on a compilation of late-night jokes as well as a photo gallery of sorts. Look for them soon!

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