Why I'm Supporting David Leyton for Attorney General

One thing about being a Democrat is, when it comes to candidates for offices, we often have an embarrassment of riches. Deciding which candidates to support for the Democratic nomination can be a difficult - albeit exciting - task! In 2008, for instance, I was so impressed with Edwards, Obama, and Richardson that it took me quiote a while to finally back the Obama campaign.

Such is the case with this year's race for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General here in Michigan. I have had the chance to hear both of them speak, and each has a solid record of standing up for the people - which is something I like in a Democratic candidate! Each is also impressive in his own way and, I believe, is capable of taking on whichever excuse for a candidate the Republicans put up.

But after much thought, David Leyton has earned my vote at tomorrow's MDP Endorsement Convention.

Great leaders are willing to make difficult decisions that will benefit the people they lead. Leyton has served as Genesee County Prosecutor for more than five years; in this role he has had to tackle crime in one the most crime-ridden locales in the state, while managing a prosecutor's office that has not enjoyed the easiest time when it comes to the budget. Right now, Michigan needs an Attorney General who will do more with less - and the fact that Leyton has that prosecutorial and public-administration experience under his belt is what, in my mind, separates him from Bernstein.

Speaking of Bernstein, what really amazes me is that he has done all he has done - becoming an attorney, winning countless cases for regular folks, and, oh yes, running 12 Ironman triathlons - while blind! And, to quote from his website:

Bernstein appears frequently in court where he commits entire case files to memory.
That takes a lot of hard work - but we could use a few more hard workers in state government!

But Leyton has time and time proven that he too is a hard worker and a champion of the people. And when I heard each of the talk, both of them spoke extensively about many different issues -including protecting seniors, the disabled, the less fortunate, consumers, and the environment. As I said, they are both very capable public servants.

But while I think Bernstein's future remains bright, tomorrow my vote will go to Prosecutor David Leyton to be our Party's endorsee for Attorney General.

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