A Big Weekend for the Granholm Legacy

undefinedI was watching Off the Record a couple of months ago when they were reviewing Governor Jennifer Granholm's State of the State address. Tim Skubick said that the governor had "made history" by becoming the first governor to preside over an economic downturn, but not an upturn. Never mind that we still had 11 months to go, or that, by most accounts, the downturn began in earnest under Engler.

Still, it's no surprise to se that the economy is weighing on people's minds, both when it comes to this year's election, and when it comes to looking at the legacy of the incumbent.

However, if you ask me, this governor's legacy extends beyond the latest unemployment figures. It strikes at the heart of what she has been able to do, despite stiff opposition from greedy opponents in the Legislature hell-bent on stopping her at every turn

To me, this governor's legacy has a great deal to do with the pledge she made in 2002: To fight to protect our families and educate our kids. despite all of the obstacles she has faced, she has fulfilled that pledge. And this weekend shows why.

THURSDAY: The Canadian government has made a rather generous offer: They have agreed to pick up Michigan's tab for the new DRIC bridge that is being proposed for Detroit. Estimates indicate that this new bridge could mean some 10,000 new jobs for Michigan.

FRIDAY: I'm not the biggest fan of Oprah Winfrey, but when I heard that our esteemed Governor would sign Michigan's new anti-texting ban on Oprah's show, I knew I had to watch. Here's the magic moment for you to enjoy. The law takes effect July 1.

SATURDAY: Today is the day Michigan's no-smoking ban goes into effect. Like the DRIC bridge and the texting while driving ban, the smoking ban is good for our state - and has been supported by nearly all Democrats and even a few Republicans.


While I definitely don't think she has been perfect (no governor is), I am proud of our Governor for all she has done in the past 88 months top protect our families and educate our kids. Thanks to her efforts, more jobs have been created and retained, our air is a little bit cleaner, and Michigan is a safer place in which to drive.

And that's not a bad legacy to leave!

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