Bits of Tid: May 12, 2007

In 13,000 hours we should have a president-elect.

  • It's time to de-authorize the war, say Biden, Richardson, and Clinton.
  • Some big names are backing Chris Dodd's energy plan.
  • The governors of Maryland and New Jersey are endorsing Hillary.
  • Edwards is proposing an $8 billion program to make college more affordable. A drop in the bucket compared to the $425.1 billion price tag for the war.
  • On the other side, Rudy Giuliani and Ann Romney (Mitt's wife) have both donated to Planned Parenthood. And you thought Rudy was the only pro-choice Republican out there?
  • State Senators Alan Cropsey (who 'represents' Mount Pleasant) and Bill Hardiman (ex-mayor of my hometown of Kentwood) have each been featured recently in Michigan Liberal's Better Know an Obstriutionist series. (Don't forget to let your state legislators know your thoughts onm the state budget!)
  • I don't care about the whole Paris Hilton thing, so shut up, media.

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