Twelve more US soldiers died in Iraq today.

Not one. Not two. Not three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, or even eleven. Twelve innocent American lives lost. Not to mention almost 50 Iraqis (so much for 'liberating' them).

Twenty-five of our troops have died this month alone. An average of three have died each day this year. And they said the surge was supposed to fix the problem.

Nearly 3,400 have died since the war began - 3,200 since Bush declared 'Mission Accomplished' four years ago last week, and hundreds more than the number who died on September 11.

War is not pro-life.

I'm just glad my Marine Reservist friend Cliff is back from Iraq. He came home last week and I saw him in church earlier tonight.

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Kathy said...

War is not pro-life. Amen.