School Election Day!

Ah, the joy of democracy.

A little earlier today (at 3:40 PM) I voted for the fourth time in my life (having voted for a sinking fund renewal in February 2006; last August's primary; and of course the general election six months ago). This was my second time voting in person nat a voting location.

Four items appeared on my ballot. I voted for two of the three candidates for Kentwood School Baord; two of the four candidates for Grand Rapids Community College Trustee; and Yes on a GRCC millage increase as well as an Interurban Transit Partnership millage.

Voter turnout is expected to be light today, as it usually is in this type of an election. But here's the shocker: I was the 352nd person to vote at my voting place. 352! Granted, two voting precincts vote at Glenwood (at least that's how it usually works; perhaps it's different in a school election), and both appearedto have voted in the same place this time (as opposed to when they voted in different parts of the gym in August. But I was #120 in my precinct in the primary, and we ended up with 20% turnout in our precinct.

Based on the level of campaigning I have seen, I predict that Bill Joseph and Mimi Madden will win re-election to the Kentwood School Board, as will GRCC Trustee Margo Anderson. As my upset pick, Fran Pepper will oust Terri Handlin from the GRCC Board. The GRCC and ITP millages will pass with 64% and 73%, respectively. (If this scenario plays out, I will be a perfect 6 for 6 in terms of voting for winning candidates and sides of proposals.)

Polls close at 8... so if you haven't voted, do so now! Then check Election Magic for results.

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