Ahh, nature

Nature is the greatest teacher. Walk slowly and observe, lest you miss her first lesson." - Dr. Wakelin McNeel, Professor Emeritus, Biology, Central Michigan University

I have a digital camera, but I haven't done much photoblogging. That will change starting right... about... now.

No matter how stressful your life is, taking a few minutes to enjoy nature can give your life the refreshing kick that it needs. So consider the following photos to be your refresher for today.

Alongside a pond on the campus of CMU.

Sunlight shines through the trees. Also at CMU.

The Wakelin McNeel Woodlot.

A wooded area in Mount Pleasant.

Another pond reflects trees at CMU

That same pond, with more leaves, reflects the Charles V. Park Library.

The sky outside the Towers Residence Hall Complex at CMU

More to come!

"Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as life lasts." - Rachel Carson

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mensch71 said...

Great pictures Scotty! I think you have a future in photography.