Bits of Tid: October 12, 2007

  • As I write this, I am awaiting the Nobel committee's announcement as to who will win the Nobel Peace Prize. Will it be Al? For a fascinating look into the Nobel Prizes, be sure to check out Nobelprize.org.
  • Here's a pleasant surprise: Just after the recent tax increase, Granholm has a net positive approval rating. Not by much (46-41%), but from a Republican firm, this is great!
  • Both Mark Schauer and Gary Peters took in roughly $220,000 (give or take) during the third quarter. Darn good, given they weren't in the race the entire quarter. Knollenberg was also named to the League of Conervation Voters' Dirty Dozen. Oh, and they and Thad McCotter have been targeted by Catholic groups for opposing S-CHIP?
  • Babies are eligible to get married in Arkansas, due to a fluke in the law. If you take issue with the idea of babies getting married, ask yourself: Is it really that bad compared to allowing Hollywood celebrities to marry?
  • Coming soon to Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Scott:
    • What do I think of the latest mess surrounding the Michigan presidential primary? Find out this weekend.
    • Look for a couple of photoblogging posts in the next couple of weeks: one detailing the events of Homecoming at both CMU and East Kentwood High School, one showing autumn colors in mid-Michigan.
    • I still have a few more words I'm planning on submitting to Lake Superior State's Banished Words List.
    • I also have more late-night jokes on the way, so stay tuned!

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