New Year's Resolutions

  1. Get organized. I'm less organized than the Democratic Party. I mean, seriously!
  2. Lose weight. I want to look sexier than Fred Thompson., Oh wait, I already do - and so do most of us. Still, I'm gonna get in a lot better shape this year.
  3. Spend within my means. Okay, splurge once in a great while. But otherwise, keep things within reason.
  4. Start hunting for a summer job early. No summer jobs in '07 or '06.
  5. Work my behind off for Democrats up and down the ballot. From our Democratic nominee for President to Rick Jakubiec for Isabella County Drain Commissioner, I will not sit on the sidelines this election year.
  6. Make no fewer than 20 contacts with lawmakers. Outside of Democratic conventions and gatherings, of course.
  7. Make the Dean's List. 2008 is the year, darn it!
  8. Go to the Democratic National Convention. If I can't make it as a delegate, then maybe as a credentialed blogger? I do want to see my aunt, who lives in Littleton; I haven't seen her in person in almost seven years.
  9. Lead something. Hold the title of President, Chair, Coordinator, Director.
  10. Get on the CMU SGA Elections Committee and Board of Trustees-Student Liaison Committee. I stepped aside from the Student Government Association (SGA) because my life became chaotic. I want to get involved again, but this semester I have class on Monday nights (the one with Professor Gary Peters) at the same time SGA meets.
  11. Complain less, act more. As Ghandi would say, be the change I want to see.
  12. Remember that each moment is precious. Recently I found myself in a situation where I pictured what things would be like at my wake and funeral - if I were to die young. I pictured a few College Dems, my RA, and people from church and the Knights of Columbus. People would say nice things about me, of course. But when I die - which, God willing, will be several decades from now - I want to be remembered as an extraordinary person.

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