Bits of Tid: January 20, 2008

One Year Edition

  • One year ago today, the very first Bits of Tid was published. What is Bits of Tid? As I said one year ago:
    Every so often I come across news items that I want to include in this blog, but I don't feel deserve their own separate entry. Plus, I occasionally see a few cool links on the web that I also believe don't deserve their own blog entry. Bits of Tid is the name I have chosen for my new periodical series that focuses on these news items and other sorts of fun info. ('Bits of Tid' comes from separating the word 'tidbits' into two seperate syllables - 'tid bits' - and adding the word 'of.')
  • Better yet, we are one year away from the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States.

  • So I was kicked out of a Saturday Night Improv show because the room was filled to capacity, and we couldn't sit in the aisle because it would have been a fire hazard.

  • So Hillary Clinton won the Nevada Democratic Caucuses. Or did she? Well, yes, but Barack Obama won 13 Democratic National Convention delegates to Hillary's 12. Romney and McCain won Nevada and South Carolina, respectively. It could be a while before we know who the nominees will be.

  • Voting ends soon on Democracy for America's Grassroots All-Star Contest.

  • Buh-bye Duncan Hunter.

  • Vanity time: This comment on Daily Kos got nearly 150 recs.

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