Obama dominates - I mean DOMINATES - in South Carolina

Most of us expected Barack Obama to win the South Carolina primary. But he didn't just win South Carolina; he flat out dominated.

I couldn't imagine Barack doubling Hillary's total. But CNN says he did; they peg the numbers at 55% for Obama, 27% for Hillary, and 18% for Edwards.

Now let's take a look at the exit polls.

  • Obama did just as well among women as men.
  • Obama won virtually every age group, though of course younger people were more likely to vote Obama than older people.
  • Hillary won the over-65 vote, but other than that, she did not win a single other age, race, or gender demographic (though she tied Edwards amongst whites over 60).
MSNBC also did some exit polling:
The Clintons have been accused of playing the race card in this contest. We do see some potential fallout for the Clintons in the African-American community: 74% of African-American voters think that Clinton unfairly attacked Obama. But when we look at the same question among white voters, a comparable number thought Clinton unfairly attacked Obama -- 68%.

Also worth mentioning, a majority of the voters -- 56% -- said that Bill Clinton's campaigning was important to their vote today.

Obama's victory speech:

What's next? Florida, which, like Michigan, lost its delegates to the Democratic National Convention for holding its primary before February 5. After that is Super Tuesday, where nearly half of the states will be voting.

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