Bits of Tid: April 19, 2009

  • Blast from the past:
    A year later, I am so proud that we have a President who has brought that vision, courage, and foresight to Washington to bring about much needed change. Thank you, President Obama.
  • Obama picked his administration's CPO and CTO - that's Chief Performance Officer and Chief Technology Officer. This is Obama's second attempt at appointing a CPO; the other candidate, Nancy Killefer, dropped out due to - you guessed it - tax issues.
  • We never heard Conservative President George W. Bush do this.
  • Yesterday I mentioned Obama's efforts to improve relations with Cuba. Now it looks like he's doing the same with Venezuela. (And there are plenty of pictures!)
  • While we're getting spoiled by Mother Nature, the Denver area has seen three feet of snow this weekend! My aunt has to be getting sick of it!
  • Speaking of which, I hope you're sick of the madness:
  • Meghan McCain dropped an S-bomb over the future of the Republican Party.

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