Bits of Tid: April 13, 2009

You Have Earned The New Puppy Edition

  • Oh, but it looks like Bo is not getting a warm reception from conservatives!
    "The administration acknowledges that this is a Portuguese Water Dog," said Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK). "The American people have a right to know whether American water dogs were passed over in the administration's rush to install their chosen candidate. And was the dog born here, or in Portugal? I, for one, would like to see a birth certificate."
    (Hopefully you realize that was snark!)
  • Title of a Daily Kos Diary: Stimulus Projects UNDER Budget.
  • It looks like (un)common sense is making its way into discussions about US-Cuba relations!
  • Luck.
  • Uh, Guv?
    Here's an explanation. Because teams from their states were playiong in the NCAA Championship, Granholm and North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue made a bet - as politicos often do at championship time - to see which governor's home state team would win it all. Because UNC won, Granholm wore the UNC garb and donated to a food bank in North Carolina.

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