Facebook Status Update Liveblog

Welcome to the liveblog of the update of my Facebook status.

12:38 AM: My Facebook status now says "Scott Urbanowski is updating his Facebook status."

12:39 AM: I have also tweeted about updating my Facebook status.

12:43 AM: If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out tonight's (Monday night's) edition of The Colbert Report.

12:45 AM: Sam Adams Cherry Wheat sounds good right about now.


Bits of Tid: March 28, 2009


Bits of Tid: March 24, 2009

  • Most people aren't blaming Obama or Geithner for the AIG mess.
  • Track the progress of President Obama's appointments and promises.
  • Big changes are coming to the newspaper scene in Michigan. Yikes.
  • From the Detroit Free Press:
    While musicians crooned and strummed Irish music, Gov. Jennifer Granholm paid a visit to a Ferndale coffee shop at 11:30 a.m. today and saw two mammoth attempts under way: One aims to break a Guinness world record for a nonstop performance of live music, the other to get thousands of listeners to sign pledges to buy American-made cars.
  • In other news, Granholm joked on Saturday that Sarah Palin "really set back the cause of hot governors."
  • Go to Google, enter Find Chuck Norris, and hit "I'm Feeling Lucky."


Barack Hussein Obama: WRONG 15 times in four days!

How can we trust Barack Hussein Obama to be right for our country when he has been wrong on 15 out of 48 first-and second-round picks in this year's NCAA Tournament? Even Scott Urbanowski has been right 40 out of 48 times - and Urb has never played or really cared about basketball!

Anyway, sorry about not announcing my picks for the first two rounds. I went 26 for 32 and 14 for 16, respectively. I'm picking Louisville, Kansas, UConn (original pick: Washington), Missouri, Pittsburgh, Duke, UNC, and Syracuse for the Elite Eight.


Bits O' Tid: March 17, 2009

  • I got plenty of pictures and thoughts to share with you on my service trip to Virginia! Meanwhile, here's a tease:

  • My cousin finished third in a statewide free-throw contest for her age group!
  • Compliments of Michelle:
  • Meanwhile, Jack Cafferty offers some early praise for Michelle's husband:
    While the armchair quarterbacks second guess the new president, he gets up every day and does things, lots of things.

    Whether it's creating commissions for women and girls, ordering the investigation of President Bush's use of signing statements, or jamming a huge stimulus package through Congress, the man is working his tail off. And he seems to be loving every minute of it. It's almost as though our president was born to do exactly what he's doing. He's leading, and boy, is that refreshing.

  • Bernie Madoff is more popular than Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly.
  • What's that big orangish-yellow thing in the sky?


What am I doing for Spring Break?

Well, for the first time ever, I am not going home for Spring Break. Instead, I'll heading to Chippokes Plantation State Park in Virginia this weekend!

With recreational activities and opportunities to look at life in a bygone era, Chippokes Plantation offers something for everyone. A working farm since 1617, visitors may tour an antebellum mansion, stroll through formal gardens, or view a collection of antique farm and forestry equipment and a sawmill exhibit at the Farm and Forestry Museum.
But I'm not just going there for the beauty and history. I'm going there to help preserve the park as part of CMU's Alternative Breaks program. This will be my first weeklong AB, and almost everyone who's been on an AB before said they had a blast!

Says the Virginia Conservation and Rec website:
Chippokes Plantation State Park is one of the oldest working farms in the United States. Chippokes is a living historical exhibit located in a rural agricultural area along the James River in Surry County. In addition, the park has a wide variety of traditional park offerings, including a swimming complex, visitor center, picnic facilities, and hiking and biking trails. The plantation has kept its original boundaries since the 1600s and has a variety of cultivated gardens and native woodland. The formal gardens surrounding the Chippokes Mansion are accented by azaleas, crepe myrtle, boxwood and seasonal flowers. The plantation grounds are also home to the Chippokes Farm and Forestry Museum.

Chippokes Plantation State Park is operated by the Department of Conservation and Recreation in cooperation with the Chippokes Plantation Farm Foundation. The Virginia General Assembly created the foundation in 1977 to establish, administer and maintain the model farm. Funding for the foundation comes from farmland rent payments, donations, admissions and gift shop sales.
I will be back on Sunday, the 15th. Then (or shortly thereafter), I will have plenty of pictures to show you!

So look out Tim Kaine, Mark Warner, Jim Webb, and Bobby Scott... here I come!


Bits of Tid: March 6, 2009

Give Me A (Alternative) Break Edition