Running Around the State

  • First, my thoughts on John Cherry: For 27 years - starting with his joining the State House in 1983 - John Cherry has served Michigan with a tireless dedication to public service and commitment to the people of Michigan. He has served with integrity, always willing to work with others, but never willing to sacrifice his principles for the sake of personal gain. For that, I am grateful.

    A number of Democrats are joining the race for Governor. We Democrats are often a spoiled bunch when it comes to good candidates; there are usually so many good people to choose from! I look forward to finding out more about them, possibly meeting one or two, and supporting one in the primary.
  • Joe Dumars and Denise Illitch are two new potential names for the Democratic nomination for governor. Incidentally, this is not the first time I've heard rumors surrounding Illitch; a couple weeks ago, I got a call from a polling firm that asked who I would vote for if the Democratic primary featured John Cherry, Andy Dillon, and Denise Illitch.
  • Try Not to Hurl at the Thought, Part I: Bart Stupak (of Stupak Amendment fame) might also make a run, per The Detroit News. Incidentally, Chase Osborn is the only Yooper ever to serve as Governor.
  • That same article says Dennis Archer, the former Supreme Court Justice and former Detroit mayor, and Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano will not run. The News also says Congressman Gary Peters will opt for re-election to Congress.
  • Aside from the race for Governor, do you remember Jane Beckering? She ran for Supreme Court in 2006. Justice Elizabeth Weaver and others have suggested that Beckering might make another run this year. Weaver and Robert Young, both nominated by Republicans for a race that appears on the ballot as non-partisan, are in the final year of their current terms.
  • David LaGrand, is making another run for State Senate in the 29th District (Grand Rapids area). LaGrand came within a few thousand votes of knocking off popular Republican Sen. Bill Hardiman in 2006. That year, Hardiman got 71% of the vote in Kentwood, where he used to be Mayor; Obama won Kentwood two years later.
  • Try Not to Hurl at the Thought, Part II: Looking ahead to 2012, there's speculation that one John Mathias Engler might be looking to challenge Debbie Stabenow for the US Senate that year. He's looking for a home to buy in mid-Michigan. Hey John: There's a foreclosed home down the street from me here in Kentwood, in case you want to know what it's like for ordinary people. At any rate, it does seem to say something about the Republicans if they might be forced to pin their hopes on someone who's been out of the state for much of the past several years and who many Michiganians will have forgotten or not even heard of by then.
  • Try Not to Hurl at the Thought, Part III: You don't know how tempted I was to call this post "Michigan Has the Runs."
  • UPDATE: Michigan Radio says Gov. Granholm has offered some comments on the Governor's race, including that she will not publicly endorse anyone.

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