Bits of Tid: August 6, 2010

21 more weeks until Governor Bernero's inauguration!

  • Who's gonna be the next Lieutenant Governor? My favorite at the moment: Buzz Thomas. He has been a leader in the Legislature and has worked with more than a few of the lawmakers an LG is often expected to work with. But then, there are other good choices, including progressive favorite Alma Wheeler Smith. Had soon-to-be County Commissioner Ray Basham (author of the minimum-wage and smoking laws) or future Congressman Hansen Clarke (who has quite a rags-to-riches story to tell and is a genuinely wonderful public servant) lost their nomination bids Tuesday, I would've suggested either one of them.
  • Now, if Rick "Politicians got us into this mess" Snyder picks a politician to be his second banana, that might make him look like a hypocrite - thus solidifying his suppoort among the far 'right.' Perhaps it will be Cassis? Birkholz? Even Cox or Hoekstra to unify the Party of Palin? Heck, maybe Terri Lynn Land or Ruth Johnson - they know what it's like to be a running mate on a losing ticket. Actually I'm thinking he might pick McManus to throw open the race for Secretary of State (I remember Posthumus doing the opposite and picking Loren Bennett to unite the party behind Land for SOS in 2002). But again, to not look like a hypocrite he ought to pick someopne other than a politician - like Dick DeVos!
  • I tell you, it's an anti-incumbent, anti-politician year! Anyone else notice how many incumbents lost their renomination bids on Tuesday? Like, for example, um... uh... let me think here... Wait, the only two I know of are Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick and Kent County Commissioner Jim Vaughn, the latter having been convicted of a crime and the former having been Kwame's mother. And 100% of Democratic primary voters (not including write-ins) and 63% of Republican primary voters voted for a politician for governor, while politicians Bill Huizenga and Justin Amash won congressional primaries in which most Republican primary voters voted for, well, politicians (like Wayne Kuipers and Bill Hardiman). Upton, Kildee, Levin - all won convincingly as well.
  • Andy Dillon isn't quite endorsing Bernero yet. Here in West Michigan, the so-called 'liberal' media is making a big deal of this; which is no surprise, given how much they like to push the 'Democrats in disarray' meme without highlighting divisions within the Party of Palin. At any rate, I highly doubt that a lack of a Dillon endorsement would hurt Bernero that much (at least not enough to cost him the election).
  • Keep in mind that hardly anyone has a negative view of Snyder right now. When people learn about who he really is and what he's done, don't be surprised if people start liking Virg more and more (or at least becoming disenchanted with Snyder).
  • Tell me again how coming off as angry is supposed to hurt a candidate at a time when people are themselves angry?
  • Hey newly (re-)elected precinct delegates! Is there an issue about which you are dying to get your voice heard? Start writing your resolutions now for consideration at your County and District Democratic Conventions so that they will benoticed by those who write the State Party Platform! I plan on writing one for net neutrality, for instance.

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